Core-Shell Fibers


Forget compromises, you can now have all.

Coreshell Nanofibers are now becoming more and more popular, thanks to its wide range of uses. 

Let's see together what they are and why they are so important.

Let’s think about a pen: the ink chamber is the core of our nanofiber, while the barrel is the nanofiber’s shell.

With a coreshell nanofiber you can mix two or more different materials, which should impart a unique property to your fiber- for example the mechanical strength of one material is desirable, but a different material shows a better degradation rate.  

Moreover, with coreshell nanofibers you can electrospin materials that cannot be electrospun, using an electrospinnable material as a carrier to produce nanofibers for non- electrospinnable materials.


With coreshell nanofibers you gain the ability to control the fibers degradation, which can be used for controlled drug release

HOw to obtain core shell fibers

The coaxial needle has two inputs, with the bottom connection for the input of the core material, and the top connection for the surrounding "shell" material

If you know the diameter you need, our sealed coaxial needles are the perfect choice for you.

Do you want to have the chance to create coreshell fibers with different diameters?

With our coaxial modular you’ll be able to equip every concentric needle with a different diameter, according to your needs

Start spinning with our sealed co-axial needles, with either two or three concentric layers, which can be customized upon request. 

All needles are assembled entirely by a laser welding process, to guarantee maximum geometry precision. Formed of AISI 316 stainless steel, it is possible to spin any type of polymer, even with the most corrosive solvents, and at a temperature of up to 120°C in standard configuration.

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