Electrospinning Needles

A series of coaxial needles and needles to ensure high productivity

According to your needs, Linari NanoTech offers the possibility to choose from a variety of electrospinning needles: single needles, multiple needles and coaxial needles.

Singles Needles

Single needles for the extrusion process of the polymer solution.

By applying a voltage ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 volts to the singles needles, the extrusion process of the polymer solution starts.

Multiple Needles

Multiple Needles for high production speed.

We can supply a modular manifold system scalable from four to hundreds of needles with very high density that can ensure a high production speed. This solution guarantees you the absence of significant variations with respect to the conditions of eletrofilatora with a single needle.

Coaxial Needles

Complete set of coaxial needles with two or three coaxial layers and different diameters.

Our coaxial needles are made with high quality stainless steel and each piece is laser blown to prevent and avoid contamination with solvents.