RT Collector
RT Collector

RT Collector


    The RT Collector allows you to create a substrate with uniform thickness, thanks to its roto-translating movement. 

    Available in 1-4 weeks


    A high-performance level can be achieved with our RT collector, a compact and user-friendly machine which is ready to use and can be controlled through a WEB interface. 

    Not only will you be able to create tubular structures with horizontal axis of rotation up to 5000 rpm, but with the linear translation up to 1000 mm/s you can create fibres with uniform thickness, even with very short deposition cycles.

    RT Collectors offers a wide set of customization deposition strategies where movement and HV generators are synchronized. The use of brushless motors and a linear belt drive avoids friction and vibration, without the need of lubrication.

    Thanks to the self-centering chucks, you can replace the collector (1 to 100 mm diameter, maximum length 120 mm) on your own quickly and easily.

    You can use multi-needles or coaxial needle systems, being sure to avoid any waste thanks to the absence of tubing.


    The collector is insulated from the ground so that it can be connected to a second high voltage generator, up to a potential of +/- 60kV.

    Using the Omron Electronics Industrial components, the electronic control has a maximum reliability, under heavy conditions too. In case of blackout or malfunction the system will be automatically interrupted.

    Do you need a complete system with collector, hood and accessories?

    Discover our Electrospinning Roto-Translating Unit!

    RT Collector is compatible with:
    - Starter Kit
    -It can be installed as optional of existing electrospinning setup.
    -It can also be used as all in one solution including up to two HV generators (positive and negative polarity available)
    - It can be installed inside our ESTA enclosure

    Control Interface 5" LCD + Web
    Linear speed 0..1000 mm/s
    Rotary speed -5000 to +5000 rpm
    Max drum diameter 100 mm
    Max drum length 150 mm
    Linear stroke 0...200 mm
    Motor type AC servo
    Collector ground X
    Collector max voltage 50 kV
    High voltage generator control system Analog signals
    Max number of connected HV generator 2






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