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Core-shell nanofibers: features and advantages

Core-shell nanofibers can be used in multiple application fields because they make it possible to mix two or more different materials

Are you undecided about the type of polymer to use for your electrospinning project? Thanks to core-shell nanofibers you can overcome this problem, it becomes possible to work on multiple polymers at the same time.

Core-shell nanofibers: what are they?

This type of nanofibers are carving out an important role in the electrospinning process, thanks to a wide range of uses that opens the door to extremely heterogeneous application fields. In this article, let's delve into the importance of this particular type of nanofibers.

To visualize and better understand the structure of core-shell nanofibers, we find an excellent example in an object that belongs to our everyday life: the pen. Specifically, following this parallelism, the ink chamber represents the core of the nanofibers, while the barrel metaphorically approaches the shell of the nanofibers.

The main feature of this type of nanofibers is the fact that they allow for the mixing of two or more different materials. This aspect gives a unique property to the fiber produced.

In addition, this type of nanofibers allow electrospinning of materials that cannot normally be electrospun, using an electrospinable material as a carrier to produce nanofibers for non-electrospinable materials.


How to obtain core-shell nanofibers

The coaxial electrospinning needle has two inlets, with the lower connection for the inlet of the core material, and the upper connection for the surrounding "shell" material. During the production of this type of nanofibers via the electrospinning method, two components (core and shell solutions) are fed and then electrospun simultaneously.

Of paramount importance is the adjustment of additional parameters such as, for example, the flow rate between core and shell, as well as the tension value to obtain nanofibers with core-shell structure and homogeneous nanofiber production.


Breakage control

This type of nanofibers enable control of fiber degradation, which can be used for controlled drug delivery. This type of nanofibers are particularly useful in the activity of encapsulating various types of bioactive molecules including drugs, proteins and genes for sustained release of these molecules.

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If you want to find out more about core-shell nanofibers, watch the video uploaded by nptelhrd.

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