Electrospinning Machines

Collection: Electrospinning Machines

Our Electrospinning Machines ensure high quality standards for your nanofiber production process

At Linari NanoTech you can choose between standard or customized solutions to satisfy all your needs. Our Electrospinning Machines portfolio is divided into:

  • Electrospinning R&D Systems;
  • Industrial Electrospinning Machine.

Cutting-edge Electrospinning Machines 

With Linari Electrospinning Machines and equipment you can fabricate high-quality micro-nanofibers. The application fields of those membranes range from the biomedical to the filtration one.  

At Linari NanoTech, special attention is dedicated to raw materials. The design of our Electrospinning Machines avoids electrostatic phenomena and any interferences that may alter the fibers trajectory. With our systems, you have the guarantee to work in a safe environment, thanks to a specific system designed to automatically shut down the machine in case of accidental opening of the electrospinning chamber while high tension is still on.

Linari Nanotech portfolio is not limited to only electrospinning applications, but also includes machines and accessories for blow spinning, melt electrospinning, yarn electrospinning, and electrospray.

What does any electrospinning machine include?

As main components of any electrospinning setup there are:

  • High voltage generator to create the electric field whose value is critical enough to start the electrospinning process
  • A set of capillary tubes with small needles to extrude the polymer solution;
  • Collector which might be plate or drum for the fibers deposition

Customized Solutions

Linari NanoTech portfolio is so wide that it can meet all your needs. As the complexities and requirements of the electrospun scaffold change, there may be a need for an expansion of the equipment: that’s why our machines are designed not to limit your work. Linari Nanotech allows for the easy integration and growth of electrospinning setups with modular and customizable equipment.

You can start for example by using a plate collector, and deciding on a second step to add a rotary system to obtain aligned nanofibers. Our team is made up of experts with interdisciplinary skills, a powerful resource that enables us to offer the highest degree of customization or even work with you to develop something new.