Fibres from blends of epoxidized natural rubber and polylactic acid by the electrospinning process: Compatibilization and surface texture

Fibres were electrospun from blends of an epoxidized natural rubber (ENR) with a minor amount of a crystalline grade of polylactic acid (PLA), using a graft copolymer compatibilizer (ENR-g-JM) produced by reaction processing of a mixture of PLA and monoamine terminated polypropylene glycol (Jeffamine M600)...

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Industrial Upscaling of Electrospinning and Applications of Polymer Nanofibers: A Review

Electrospun nanofibers are extensively studied and their potential applications are largely demonstrated ...

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Multiscale characterization of antimicrobial poly(vinyl butyral)/titania nanofibrous composites

Titania nanofillers were used to reinforce nanofibers in composite mats produced by electrospinning of poly(vinyl butyral) with two different concentrations of polymers...

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