Miniature electrospinning system for aerial nanocoating application

The NanoFix system is designed to be used as standard drone payload to apply nanofibers on aerial structures (pipes, wires, cables…) to protect them from environmental effects like corrosion, ice adhesion and biofilm using specific material for each scope. The system is able to take off and land on an aerial thin cylinder with diameter between 12 and 25 mm, other dimension can be done under customization. Thanks to an electric opening system of the lower part (the cargo area) done using four linear actuators controlled by a specific contact from drone.

Our goal is to coat high voltage cables at height

Being able to make a nanometric coating on the cables, to prevent them from bad weather damaging without replacing them, would be a faster and more economic solution to cable damaging.

You just need one operator Instead of a whole team to replace the cables with the coated ones, just one operator can set the drone to spin in height directly on the cables, leaving them, in their position.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Grant agreement No 101034857

european commission


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