Bio-inspired NANO coating for WINGS ice protection of wind turbines that can be installed under remotely controlled commercial drones.

NanoWings will result in lower material and manufacturing costs while reducing downtime, environmental impact and risk during O&M operations.



This project has received funding from the European Union’s HORIZON-EIC-2022-TRANSITIONOPEN-01 – EIC Transition Open 2022.

Grant Agreement n.101099620.



As Linari Engineering, we are recognized as technological world leader in electrospinning systems manufacturing to produce nanomaterials.
DTU Energy and DTU Wind departments have a unique experimental facility and cooperate with us since 2013 to develop new nanomaterials.
eologix, a disruptive SME with patented wireless sensors for rotor blade monitoring on the outer surface used by a large customer base of utilities and wind turbine manufacturers, is key for both Nanowings performance quantification and market entry.
And, Enel Green Power with its affiliated company Endesa, as one of the world largest wind energy operators with 17.29 GW of wind power capacity worldwide, will be the early adopter supporting us during the validation of NanoWings under real conditions and referral once reached a high TRL.


RT-Advanced was used to realize this project View Product


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