Obtain fibers with uniform thickness with Linari Electrospinning Machines

Obtain fibers with uniform thickness with Linari Electrospinning Machines

Tired of getting fibers with nonuniform thickness?

It's time to scale-up to an advanced electrospinning machine!

If you’re already familiar with an electrospinning rotary system, you have certainly experienced the nonuniform thickness along the collector. 

Reaching high speed, you can obtain fibers with aligned structure but, with the only rotative movement, your fibers will mainly deposit in the central area of your collector, with the result of having lower thicknesses on the edges.

In order to avoid that issue, Linari Engineering has designed two electrospinning systems that enable you to deposit fibers with uniform thickness: the roto-translation unit and the 3d spin.

Roto Translation unit

Configuration with rotary collector

The roto-translation unit is a high tech system that combines the rotary and translation movement in order to create fibers with uniform thickness.

The system allows obtaining fibers with both aligned and random structure, depending on the configuration.

Configuration with flat collector

3D Spin

The 3d spin is a versatile system that enables you to set up the needle movement in order to control the distance between needle and collector during the whole electrospinning process.

Configuration with rotary collector- Horizontal Position

Setting up the needle position, fibers with the desired thickness can be deposited on the collector.

Moreover, that allows you to increase the needle/collector distance if a longer trajectory is required for solvent evaporation.

Thanks to its versatility, different configurations are possible, both in vertical or horizontal position and with plate or rotary collector.

Configuration with rotary collector- Vertical Position

Configuration with plate collector

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