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Station Hood


    Electrospinning station hood is designed to fit all your electrospinning components in one place, whilst remaining easily accessible and compact, simple to use and ensures a high level of safety for the user.

Polyethylene (PE) drip tray to collect accidental droplets 115(L) X 55(W) X 2(H) cm (6mm Thickness)

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a special care is dedicated raw materials

The safe use of an electrospinning system always requires that all the surfaces connected to the high voltage be protected from direct and indirect accidental contact.

To make every laboratory system safe, even if produced by third parties or self-produced for experimental purposes, we offer the use of a specially designed station: Electrospinning Station Hood.

🟢What advantages do you get from using this kit?

The Electrospinning Station provides a wide interior view for maximum operating flexibility, reduced metal surface for maximum quality of the nanofibers and a magnetic safety sensor to immediately stop the high voltage if the access window is opened.

The plexiglass door with adjustable vertical opening allows the regulation of the machine opening, guaranteeing no dispersion of the environmental conditions.

🟢which are the available options

Enviromental Control System

The device Enviromental Control System is an accessory that enables you to monitor temperature and humidity inside the electrospinning hood and to have direct control over temperature

The heater allows heating the air contained inside to hood to reach a temperature up to 50°C, by setting the set point on the display. Humidity can’t be directly controlled, but can be indirectly reduced by using a fluid supply system or dry gas. It is highly recommended not to increase the moisture level inside the hood to avoid condensation that may cause sparks and short circuits.

Air aspiration system

A more powerful aspiration system. Fiber's aspiration is avoided thanks to the speed controller, which allows you to set the needed aspiration speed.

Air recycle system

Avoid any connection to your aspiration systems using this air recycle system. Adding this optional you can start using your hood without losing time connecting it to your filtration system

Station Hood dimensions

Inner dimensions

• Width: 1160 mm.
• Height: 600 mm.
• Depth: 571 mm.

exterior dimensions

• Width: 1220 mm.
• Height: 2060 mm.
• Depth: 690 mm.


  • Vertical sliding door: Plexiglass 5 mm.
  • 18mm thick melamine panels.
  • Internal illumination: On/Off.

                Available OPTIONs

                enviromental control system

                • Length: 400 mm.
                • Width: 200 mm.
                • Height: 600 mm.
                • Weight: 20 kg.
                • Power Supply: 230 V, 50 HZ, 10 A.
                • Maximum power: 2000 W.
                • Max. settable temperature: 50° C.
                • Relative humidity (not condensed): 5 - 95%.
                • Max. working pressure: 100 kPa.

                Air aspiration system

                Control unit:

                • Length: 220 mm.
                • Width: 120 mm.
                • Height: 300 mm.
                • Weight: 2 kg.
                • Power Supply: 110/240 V, 50/60 HZ, 10 A.

                              Air recycle system

                              • Length: 250 mm.
                              • Width: 250 mm.
                              • Height: 250 mm.
                              • Weight: 3 kg.


                                            When working with high voltages, safety is the number one priority. With our hood, yoursafety is reassured by:

                                            • Automatic high voltage cut off system with safety switch.
                                            • Overpressure relief trap.
                                            • Grounding of all metal components.
                                            • Plexiglass sliding door.
                                            • 10 m3/h ventilation system. 

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