Electrospinning Station Hood
Electrospinning Station HoodElectrospinning Station HoodElectrospinning Station Hood

Electrospinning Station Hood


    Electrospinning station hood is designed to fit all your electrospinning components in one place, whilst remaining easily accessible and compact, simple to use and ensures a high level of safety for the user.

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Polyethylene (PE) drip tray to collect accidental droplets 115(L) X 55(W) X 2(H) cm (6mm Thickness)

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    Why choosing our electrospinning station hood?

    A special attention is dedicated to raw materials. Our hood is made with laminate and covered wood, to avoid interferences of metallic elements that alter the fibers' trajectory.

    When working with high voltages, safety is the number one priority.
    With the Linari electrospinning hood, your safety is reassured:
    • Automatic high voltage generator cut off system.
    • Over pressure relief trap
    • Grounding of all metal components
    • Plexiglass sliding door
    • 10m3/h ventilation system.

    For the scientist spinning with various materials or wishing to be able to have tight control over their fiber size, quality, and uniformity, it may be necessary to have a more regulated environment for electro-spinning.

    See the available options:

  • °C and humidity monitor+ Heater: With the addition of our environmental control unit, you gain a built-in RH monitor and heating capabilities up to 50°C, giving you the freedom to modify your electrospinning conditions, in order to suit your needs.
    Using the digital display interface you may set the desired air temperature of the hood and simultaneously monitor and indirectly control the humidity levels.
  • Air Aspiration System A more powerful aspiration system. Fiber's aspiration is avoided thanks to the speed controller, which allows you to set the needed aspiration speed.
  • Air Recycle System Avoid any connection to your aspiration systems using this air recycle system. Adding this optional you can start using your hood without losing time connecting it to your filtration system. 

    For those working with toxic solvents, we suggest the addition of our activated carbon filter, to remove dangerous solvent vapors.
    Still not sure of the importance of working in an electrospinning chamber?

    Dimensions (L x W x H) 120 x 60 x 225 cm**
    Box material Melamine wood
    Overall height 120 cm
    Internal dimension (L x W x H) 116 x 56 x 60 cm
    Flow rate control Yes
    Window Vertical sliding
    Internal illumination Yes
    Door safety switch fo HV
    Ground connection bar
    inside hood
    All metal part grounded
    Over pression relief trap
    on top side
    Safety window 5 mm thk, plexiglass
    Ventilation 40 mm axial fan, until 10 m3/h

    ** Hood can be mounted without legs too.






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