Easy Drum - Entry Level
Easy Drum - Entry LevelEasy Drum - Entry Level

Easy Drum - Entry Level


    Easy Drum - Entry Level is equipped with a Rotary System to obtain aligned or random fibers. 
    Collectors are not interchangeable. 

    Available in 1-4 weeks


    Affordable rotary system for beginners 

    Easy Drum provides a digitally controlled rotation system for drum collector. 
    It can be used for the electrospinning of any material at room temperature. 

    Compared to the other version of Easy Drum, this system doesn't allow the creation of tubular structures either the replacement of the collector, being the collector no detachable.

    Using the Omron Electronics Industrial components, the electronic control has maximum reliability, under heavy conditions too.
    With our Easy Drum, you have the guarantee of a safe device, with all metal parts grounded with low impedance.

    Drum Collector included.


    -Rotary system with sealed brushless motor without forced ventilation to avoid the contamination of the nano-fibers and their dispersion
    -Speed of rotation up to 3000 rpm in both directions
    -Electric control panel with digital indication of speed 
    -Built-in collector grounding connections for minimum electric resistance
    -High voltage insulation capability up to 40 kV


    Speed: 0-3000rpm
    Collector: D:100mm L: 200mm- customized dimensions are available for an extra price


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