Sealed Coaxial Needle-KIT
Sealed Coaxial Needle-KIT

Sealed Coaxial Needle-KIT


    Sealed coaxial needle KIT with dielectric support and Luer connectors. 
    Forget compromises: the ideal solution for Core-Shell electrospinning for any type of polymer, even in the most corrosive solvents.

    Available in 1-2 weeks


    Sealed coaxial needles kit: features and advantages

    With coaxial needles, you gain the ability to spin two or more polymers simultaneously within the same fiber. This can allow for the production of fiber with an inner core and outer shell.



    This may be useful for cases where the use of only one material may result in having to compromise between two material properties- for example, the mechanical strength of one material is desirable, but a different material shows a better degradation rate.

    Two standard versions are available with two or three concentric layers, which can be customized upon request. 
    These needles are very compact and make it possible to create high productivity configurations since they can be assembled in parallel up to tens of units thanks to a simple, solid mechanical structure and the distribution of the solutions through standard Luer Lock or UNF connections.

    The rear threaded hole permits both the fastening to the support structure and the stable connection of the high voltage.

    Looking for a versatile solution? Have a look at our modular coaxial needle kit!


    Compact needles in AISI316 stainless steel. Maximum geometry precision and high levels of cleanliness. 

    Standard Dimensions: G15 (1.83mm); G21 (0.83mm); G11 (3.05mm)- Possibility to customize layers.

    It is possible to spin any type of polymer at a temperature up to 120°C in standard configuration.

    Please notice that it can be integrated on machines that have a number of pumps per syringe equal to the number of layers used.


    Kit Includes:
    Sealed Coaxial Needles

    - Dielectric Support

    - 2/3 Luer Adapters







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