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Compact Electrospinning Unit

Compact Electrospinning Unit

Compact Electrospinning Unit is a high-tech system that combines the rotary movement of the collector with the x-y movement of the spinneret to create a uniform substrate of both random or aligned nanofibers, by simply changing the configuration.

Obtain fibers with uniform thickness

With this unit, safe and ready to use, you can electrospin any type of organic, synthetic, or ceramic polymer.
Nanofibers are characterized by a high reproducibility over time and by a uniform thickness along the axis of the collector.

Thanks to the detachable mandrels, collectors of different sizes can be mounted. Besides giving you the possibility to work with collectors of different sizes, that gives you the possibility to obtain tubular structures, avoiding the membrane cutting to peel off the fibers.
It is also possible to install a flat collector easily, by using the provided screws.

The internal chamber ican reach a temperature of +50°C 

Compared to a classic rotary collector, this system rotates and the needle moves simultaneously to guarantee a uniform deposition of fibers along the collector.

Unit includes: 

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