Gantry 2D Spin
Gantry 2D SpinGantry 2D SpinGantry 2D SpinGantry 2D Spin


Gantry 2D Spin

    random fibers electrospinningaligned fibers electrospinning


    Our 2D Spin is the ideal machine for electrospinning applications, it can be combined with melt electrospinning and bioprinting systems

    The perfect machine for creating super precise scaffolds or nanofibers


The perfect melt electrospinning printer for your applications

Compact machine, easy to install and ready to use.

Plate collector configurable in vertical or horizontal position according to your needs.

🟢what kind of fibers do you get with this machine??

With this XY table, you can deposit in an extremely precise way fibers with uniform thickness.

🟢What advantages do you get from using this machine?

Thanks to the G-code interpreter you’ll be able to draw the desired trajectory of the table through CAD software. This specificity is a prerogative of our machine.

The CSV interpreter allows you to create work programs in a simple way through spreadsheets.

See our machine in action


The 3D Spin is a complete electrospinning system to create high-quality nanofibers with uniform thickness, both with random or aligned structures. Setting up the position of the needle, you can set up the fibers deposition on your collector (both plane or drum), having control over fibers thickness.

Power supply

  • Voltage line: 110/230 V ac. 
  • Frequency: HZ 50/60. 
  • Nominal current: 10 A. 
  • Motor type: Stepper motor. 
  • Interfaces: 3,5'' LCD color touch screen, Web, FTP for transfer of work programs.
  • Emergency stop:yes. 

dimensions control unit

  • Length: 550 mm. 
  • Width: 300 mm. 
  • Height: 550 mm.

Dimension motion unit

  • Length: 410 mm. 
  • Width: 360 mm. 
  • Height: 154 mm.
  • Work space Length: 460 mm.
  • Work space Width: 460 mm.
  • Weight max: 11 kg

Plate collector unit

  • Max travel lenght: 190 mm.
  • Max emitter distance: 190 mm.
  • Scanning speed: 500 mm/s.
  • Repetition accuracy±0.02 mm.

Needle support configuration

  • Max travel lenght X: 190 mm.
  • Max emitter distance Y: 190 mm.
  • Scanning speed: 500 mm/s.
  • Adjustable spinning distance between needle and collector:  40...230 mm.
  • Manual adjustable direction Z: up to 160 mm.
  • Repetition accuracy±0.02 mm.

                other features

                • Recipes files: saving up to 2000 work programs in internal memory.
                • CSV interpreter: the CSV interpreter allows you to create work programs in a simple and powerful way through spreadsheets.
                • GCODE interpreter: G-code interpreter you can draw the desired trajectory through a CAD software and send the work program to the device.

                              optional features

                              *Please notice that Hight voltage Generator is not included.

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