Coaxial Needle KIT
Coaxial Needle KITCoaxial Needle KIT

Coaxial Needle KIT


    Forget compromises: Modular Coaxial Needle KIT is the ideal solution for Core-Shell electrospinning for any type of polymer, even in the most corrosive solvents.
    Removable and interchangeable tips, easy to clean. 


    Available in 7 days


    What are they for and why preferring a modular coaxial system instead of a sealed one?

    With coaxial needles, you gain the ability to spin two or more polymers simultaneously within the same fiber. This can allow for the production of a fiber with an inner core and outer shell.

    This may be useful for cases where the use of only one material may result in having to compromise between two material properties- for example, the mechanical strength of one material is desirable, but a different material shows a better degradation rate.

    Each concentric needle is independently equipped with a different diameter and is supplied with different materials solutions through standard Luer Lock connections.
    All surfaces are designed without dead volumes to ensure a simple cleaning and the closure system with screws guarantees high ease of maintenance.

    An excellent quality electric field is ensured by the kit's perfectly axially symmetrical shape, together with the smooth surface of the needles. 

    Compared to the sealed coaxial needle kit, this modular solution allows changing tips according to your needs, being in that way a long-lasting solution. Moreover, you can easily move to two to three layers by simply adding the intermediate base







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