Starter Kit-Aligned
Starter Kit-Aligned

Starter Kit-Aligned



    Our Starter Kit guarantees high performances, remaining compact and user friendly.
    With this machine, you can deposit organic, synthetic and ceramic micro/nanofibers with aligned structure.

    Available in 1-2 months


    Possibility to manage the fibers’ deposition during the spinning process, thanks to the absence of geometry restrictions. Safety interlock system.

    See the machine in action



  • Flexibility: the user can, each time, create the best needle-collector configuration thanks to the absence of geometric restrictions of the device.
  • No waste: the loading of the syringes is done without wasting solution due to the absence of flexible tubes that connect them to the needles. 
  • Reliability: use of Omron Electronics industrial components which keeps everything controlled, also under heavy use conditions
  • Safety: automatic interruption of production in case of blackout or malfunction; safety limit switch to stop the high voltage in case the hood is opened.

    Basic Kit Includes:
    - Easy Drum 75-300 rpm
    - HV Generator 40 kV with control unit (LCD Display and Web Control)
    - Aluminium Cylinder 30*120mm- Drum Collector 
    - Syringe Pump- Single Syringe
     Luer Lock Needles- 12 pcs
    - Multiple Needles- 4 tips 
     Glass Syringes- 3pcs 10ml

    High Voltage Generator solutions:

    Generator 40 kV  Generator 60 kV
    Suitable for any type of organic polymer Suitable for any type of organic, synthetic or ceramic material polymer
    15 W high voltage generator adjustable between 0 and 40 kV 16(L)x26(W)x9(H) cm 60 W high voltage generator adjustable between 0 and 60 kV 
    Very short high voltage cable (50 cm) 3.3 m long shielded cable for high voltage
    NO installation and wiring, plug and play NO installation and wiring, plug and play
    Low EMI interface with lab apparatus: all power section inside hood Low EMI interface with lab apparatus
    Control Unit 500(L)x250(W)x500(H) Control Unit 500(L)x250(W)x500(H)
    The Generator is outside the Control Unit: should be installed directly in the hood  Generator inside the Control Unit
    Can be installed directly in the hood Can't be installed in the hood







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Easy Drum - Entry Level
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High Voltage Generator and Electrospinning system to obtain extra precise fibers- XY table to set up the needle mouvement
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